RAC DBA Interview Questions

RAC DBA Interview Questions

1. Is SCN number generated independently of the other nodes ?                  
Ans: No. SCN numbers are global.

2.What CRS is?                                                                
Ans: Oracle RAC 10g Release 1 introduced Oracle Cluster Ready Services (CRS), a platform-independent set of system services for cluster environments. In Release 2, Oracle has renamed this product to Oracle Clusterware.

3.How do we know which database instances are part of a RAC cluster?        
Ans:You can query the V$ACTIVE_INSTANCES view to determine the member instances of the RAC cluster.

4.How can you find out the number of Nodes configured in the Cluster ?        
Ans: olsnodes -n -p -i

The above command also displays the Public name, Private name and Virtual name of all the nodes.

5.Where are the database software files stored on a RAC environment?        
Ans: The base software is installed on each node of the cluster and the database storage on the shared disks.

6.Can we create Undo Tablespace on Local disk ?                            
Ans: No. Undo tablespaces has to be created on Shared disk and should be readable by all the instances during recovery.

7.How to find the Cluster name?                                            
Ans: $CRS_HOME/bin/cemutlo -n

8. What files components in RAC must reside on shared storage?                
Ans: Spfiles, ControlFiles, Datafiles and Redolog files should be created on shared storage.

9.What is the maximum number of nodes we can have in Oracle 10g RAC ?                                      
Ans: It is limited by the Clustering software / hardware in question.When using solely Oracle Clusterware: 63 nodes (9i or 10gR1)            With 10g Release 2, the maximum nodes is 100

10.What is the maximum number of Services you can have in 10g?                
Ans: You can have upto 61 services in 10g R1 and 100 in 10g R2





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